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Proven Opportunity

Go after a proven market niche with chiller plant optimization. The increase in new construction specs and lack of a "productized" solution in the small to medium market leaves the door wide open for our Partners to make a significant impact in this space.

Revenue Growth

tekWorx Integration Partners are able to provide comprehensive and complex solutions that increase customers’ operational efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize profits. With this competitive edge, you can extend your offerings to boost revenue and growth.

Tools + Resources

As an Integration Partner, you have access to new product and feature release information, sales tools, training and technical support. Being a Partner also provides co-marketing materials and visibility to our Partner community via our website.

tekWorx is here to help you deploy the integrated solutions your customers and the support they need, while you outperform the competition.

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tekWorx CEO®, based on the Niagara 4® platform, utilizes adaptive algorithms to continuously analyze real-time process variables and then automatically adjust key parameter values for operator-free optimization. The CEO® easily integrates with any BAS, any mechanical configuration and any equipment make/model.